"I want to say how much the Rolfing sessions with Ashley have helped me stay active after a double knee replacement. To live an active outdoor lifestyle is pertinent to who I am and what I love to do. Horses and hiking are my two great passions that I share with my husband. To be able to ride well for long distances and be a good partner to my horse, it is critical that my body be as loose and supple as it can be in order to stay balanced and light on my mare's back. Ashley's work keeps me comfortable in the saddle. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to stay active!" -Cheryl

"I'm relatively new to yoga and my one-on-one instructional session with Ashley was exactly what I needed to inspire confidence in my practice. Prior to this session, I learned from and followed all the other yoga practitioners in any given studio who might or might not have been doing the poses correctly. Ashley didn’t hold any judgement and fine tuned my poses whenever I needed it throughout the course our one hour session. Our practice was catered to what I needed most (working out the tightness in my hips). I loved her calm and patient demeanor, her attitude, and attentiveness. I have a lot to learn, but this provided me with a great foundation to work from. I also left the hour session completely worked. Thanks Ashley!"-Jun

"I've gone to Ashley for a few sessions to help with my posture, hip and ankle. Each time I leave her, my body experiences such unbelievable relief. Ashley has a very intuitive touch, that is simultaneously confident, strong and gentle. I feel like my body is able to breath and expand when she's working on me. I wish I could go to her every week!" -Andrea

"I'm a Bboy (break dancer) and I've been dancing for about 10 years now. It has been fairly rough on my body and recently some past injuries have been catching up with me. A friend of mine recommended that I try Rolfing, which I'd never heard of before. I've had bodywork in the past and after my first Rolfing session with Ashley, I have to say this is one of the best methods I've come across. Ashley is very knowledgable and intuitive of the body. After only two sessions, I've noticed a significant difference in how my body has been feeling. I cannot recommend her enough. I know I will utilize her skills in the future so that I can continue to be active and dance without pain." -Wendell

"I'm an equestrian endurance rider and avid hiker. I have chronic leg and hip issues from being very active and bearing the weight of gravity for the past 57 years! That said, I started working with Ashley only a few weeks ago and am already feeling relief and seeing very positive results. I have worked with other rolfers over the years and can't speak highly enough of Ashley's skills as a rolfer and healer." -Erica